SharePoint Online Communication Site- Image Carousel Does not rotate

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I working on a SharePoint Online Communication Site. I am trying to add an Image Gallery webpart on the page that is set to a "Carousel" layout. All and good so far but when I publish the page, the Image Carousel does not rotate.

I have seen the option to "Automatically cycle through Images" on other SharePoint Online environments but this one surprisingly doesn't have that.



This is the option that I am looking for that is present on other environments



Is there any workaround to this? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!


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Quite strange you have the setting in some sites and not in others...the Image gallery WebPart is the same no matter the site you are...
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The Reason Could you your other Environment is part of the Targeted Release and hence it has got the Update. Where  as  the environment where it is not showing up may be in the standard release. Just wait for a week or two..  I am able to replicate this on my test and prod environments  Issue45.PNG

I have the same hickup. I doesn't rotate when published. It rotates in edit-mode but only to the last image, then it stops. 

I have one more issue. I tried to create two sections with news with carousels. But the second section copies the first section so the news are the same in both sections. :o Very confused… 


Having the same issue in Targeted for my account, and users non-targeted.


Carousel stops on last item, and does not cycle as expected.

It's weird right.

I had a talk to Microsoft support and they said that obviously it's suppose to be like that. Not go round and round but stop at the last image. Very strange to call it a carousel…


The news webpart will automatically show any pages that are news on your site. So if you add the news webpart three times it will show the same news in each webpart. You have to use the meta data filters in the new webpart editing panel to show different news in each part. For instance-- filter by keyword in title, or by a column you set-up and populate.

The issue is with the Image Gallery webpart carousel, not the news though.

@Ian Cockburn   Curious  is this in a GCC tenant?  I am having the same issue on a Modern site with an image gallery. 

I am still seeing this behavior, it has been many months, it still only rotates in edit mode, once the page is published, it does nothing, you have to manually click to rotate the image.
I just tested - mine rotates continuously once published - my tenant is Targeted Release for all users.

I tested it with 'selected images' and also with 'dynamically display images from a document library'.
I am in the GCC and I also have the same issue on our Modern sites with image gallery.
Any updates on this issue?
I also would like an update on this one. We really need it to cycle graphic reminders for our team members.
Also requesting an update, it woudl be very useful for our team
I am having the same issue. The Automatically cycle through images option is not appearing.
This is on a team site with an image gallery. I have seen an implemented it on a news section on a Communication site. I was wondering if either of these differences are responsible.
It doesn't look like a solution has been found yet.
I'm also having this issue, automatic cycle is not available on our Sharepoint Teams sites or on our Communications Sites. :\