Sharepoint News not working in Teams

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Good Morning. In an effort to help my group i created a home page in SharePoint for our team. On this page i added the News app, you can click on the news article and it opens up in a new window just fine. Then in Teams, i created a new tab for a web page, and entered the URL for the SharePoint home page, and it shows up in Teams just fine. The problem comes, when you click on a news article in Teams, nothing happens. I tried creating Quick Links to the articles and nothing happens. If you right click on the Quick Link and then click open link, it works, but the news and quick link do not work clicking directly on them. Any ideas, help, suggestions would be helpful, i do not work with a high tech level group so it would be great to get this fixed in Teams, and not trying to direct them to SharePoint to get their news.


Thank you for any help in advance.

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