SharePoint News Digest - Some Images/thumbnails not showing up

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We are using the News Digest feature since a while. Unfortunately the image/thumbnail for some of the news selected are not showing up in the News Digest being send to the recipients. There is no differnece in the type of news we are sending. We are all using the Image & Title layout option.


Any ideas on the root cause?

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Check the source of the images - if someone has attached an image from their OneDrive, it will not show up to users without the appropriate access permissions. Also, double check the quality of the image to make sure the thumbnail works in the News web part. Most of the time when images are not working in roll ups or digests it is due to permissions or quality issues.

Thx @Susan Hanley - For sure the pictures are not from OneDrive. I will check the quality.

In the Intranet the pictures are shown properly. It is just an issue in the email generated through the News Digest feature in SharePoint Online.