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Hi, maybe someone can shed some light on this topic.


Our customer was wondering what determines the default language of the automated news digest, in particular the default e-mail text and message title. Some users receive the message in English "news you have missed" and some in German. Furthermore, while I am able to change the message text and title when I send the digest manually, it seems I am not able to edit the default message within the auto news digest. Please correct me if I am wrong here.


Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Can you advice if those users have English and German configured as language in Office 365 so that might be the reason they receive the news digest in English or German?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thank you for your reply. I did some testing and regardless of the user language i am getting the message in german even if i set my language to english. I only did some tests with manually sending the news digest. I dont know if there is a difference to the "auto news digest". If i leave the message text inside a manually send news digest blank, it will autogenerate a text in german.