SharePoint Migration Tool - XLS Password Protected

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We have recently begun migrating some data to SharePoint Online using the SharePoint Migration Tool. We are doing this slowly, but we have noticed that some XLS originally from 2008 present themselves in SharePoint as being Password Protected. This means that clicking on the File in SharePoint in Office 365 presents an error declaring "We couldn't open this workbook because it's protected with a password."

Downloading the file and opening instead works perfectly fine. This is our first attempt into SharePoint Migration and like to get this correct before releasing crib sheets to our users. 

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Hello @Dale Howard 

We are always using the password-protected Excel files in SharePoint without any issues, I have migrated many files with SPMT no issues, check the link below also try to sync the document library and open it from your computer and see if there is any difference?



@Alireza Rahimifarid Thank you, but this is the first time we have uploaded these files to Sharepoint using SPMT. All files in question appear to be password protected. We have no reason to believe they were password protected in the first place. When we download the files to the desktop using browser download they open perfectly fine without any password prompt. The password error only appears when opening the file within the browser.

@Dale Howard 

Are these files xlsx? can you please attach the screenshot of the error message?


@Alireza Rahimifarid Please find attached. I have done some more testing now and found that I can open the files perfectly fine through the iOS sharepoint app.