SharePoint Migration Tool - The list reference is broken.

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I am migrating list by list using SharePoint Migration Tool (SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online). And I see this error on one of the lists.
SharePoint on-premise list 'Purchase book' is skipped; Reason: The list reference is broken. The lookup field 'Party Name(VCM)' cannot find the referred list 'a2b55005-a2cf-4815-8ac5-337430c23562' (ErrorCode: 0x02010023)
But the reference list was already migrated before I tried to migrate this. Its looking for the old reference coming from the source and not referencing the existing list on SPO which was already migrated. Does SPMT even support lists with lookup columns? How should I proceed with this?
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Have you received any response or update to your inquiry? Or have you found a solution. I am dealing with the same error and it is the last set of content I need to migrate from my legacy environment. Is there something that can be corrected at the site/list level to avoid this error and successfully migrate?

Nope. I have used ShareGate trial license later.