SharePoint Migration of On Premise Subsites to SP online 2020

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Hi Team,

We are currently migrating Site Contents from earlier Sharepoint to SharePoint Online. (Using ShareGate Tool)



Destination(Communication Template):


There might be huge documents with a different set of user Permissions which I need to cross-verify.

Please let me know if there is any way to validate it. Or there will be smooth migration which would retain Permission Levels.


Will be thankful for your support


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You will find that migrating the permissions with ShareGate(or any tool) is a bit of a lottery, reason being is that AD groups and users may not exist in SharePoint Online. You can map users that don't exist, I have not tried it with groups. Generally historic permissions are not always right or a a bit of a mess. 


In every migration that I have done I have taken the opportunity to start a fresh and reset the permissions with confirmation from the site owners about what they should be.