SharePoint List with Rating Settings On switches to Classic Forms

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I've got a SharePoint Modern site, and I want to create a SharePoint List with Rating System turned on.


When I do this, forms (edit / new / view) switch to the Classic Experience. How do I switch it back to Modern Experience? PowerApps is currently disabled at my organisation.


Updated for Clarity: The rest of my forms are fine on other lists. This only happens if I swithch "Rating System" on. It switches to SharePoint Classic. But only the form. And "Form Dialogue" is selected as yes in advanced settings. It still only opens Edit / View / New forms in the Classic Experience instead of opening a Form Dialogue box.


Thank you!

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@Ann-Margaretyou should have an option called Exit Classic Experience on the bottom of left side navigation.



The List is viewable in SharePoint Modern UI. It is in Modern by default. This is fine.


When I Edit, View, or Add a New List Item, the form is in Classic! It no longer pops up a form dialogue but goes to a new page with the Classic Experience form, and no option to go to Modern.


UPDATE: To clarify, this is not a problem on any of my other SharePoint lists, only this one, and only after I turn on Rating!



No, unfortunately not. And yes, I've got "Open form in dialogue" checked in the Advanced Settings.


View of List:


View of Form:


No link that says "Return to ..."



Has anyone got a fix for this yet? Turning off the 'ratings' option does not return the form to modern view. It seems once you have selected 'ratings', the form is locked in classic view even if you turn ratings off later.


I don't want to have to redo my entire list just to get the form back to modern!

UPDATE: I managed to get my list form back to modern dialogue by going into list settings and removing all of the columns that reference ratings.


Seems you can't have ratings and a modern form. :face_with_rolling_eyes:




Brilliant! I was close to pulling all my hair off, and your trick saved me. THANK YOU!