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I have created a list on my SharePoint site with target audience enabled (new format NOT SharePoint) and have created 3 items with each item belonging to a different group. When I place the list webpart on the page, my expectation was that I would only see the item targetted to my group, but I see all 3 items. 


Does the list webpart not honour target audience?

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Lists is the only thing ever worked for me with MS Access in sharepoint but I changed formatting for Dataverse but a disaster has happened and doubt if I will be able to use the Power Apps
I never seen a way out in SharePoint with licensing think may be able to use Edge to get it out of SharePoint then anywhere? I am not to sure
Hi David,

I am not sure if you are responding to the right thread? :)


@Dhiran Gajjar Did you try with user accounts from other groups who does not have admin permissions on list/site?


Also, modern audience targeting is not supported in "List" web part. You can apply audience targeting to only below: 


DocumentationTarget content to a specific audience on a SharePoint site 

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Thanks for the reply. The test user account I was using to check target audience is not an admin of the site and thats why I couldnt understand why it wasnt working. Even if I go to the list, I can see all 3 items in the list even though I am supposed to see 1.
So i'm starting to think that audience targeting is not what it was sold as. So far the only place I can get audience targeting to work is with navigation. Any place else that article says you can enable it doesn't do the same thing where it "hides" the object unless you're in the audience. Also I've watched\read a few posts from MS and they seem to be walking back the functionality of audience targeting, since they always use the fall back line of "if you need to restrict access you should be using custom permissions". Which is great unless you don't want to break inheritance a million times.