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I have a column in my list which contains different places. I'd like to create a new column in the list which enables me to group these places into categories.


So, if column a contained values: London, Manchester, Southampton, Paris, Munich, New York. I'd like the new column to contain the relevant countries. E.G. UK, France, Germany and USA.


I thought an IF formula in column validation might achieve this, but would appreciate how to structure this or if there is a better solution? 

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If you are trying to group rows based on the "places" columns, Microsoft/SharePoint Lists offer that capability out of the box.


There is no way to do this in column formatting that I know of. Column formatting can only reference the current row's fields, not values in other rows.


If you want a column that contains all of the values entered in all rows, I would use Power Automate to loop through all rows to build a collection of unique values. Then update every row (or row last modified) with the collection of values.


If you have a specific use case, it might be easier to give you a better solution.




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