SHAREPOINT LIST | [Me] is not working when used in other columns, or am I just not getting it

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I have a custom view named 'User'. I set the filters to this. All three columns are Persons.


I assume that users with access on the list can view the items when their names is on either Manager or Guest. I tried to share the list, added Employee123 to the Guest. His view does not show the item, or does not show anything at all.




His view




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In addition to adding him to the guest column, did you also adjust the permissions of the list to grant him read access? Also, under Advanced Settings in the List, be sure that Read access is set to 'Read all items' and not 'Read items that were created by the user'

If you create the filter to just be guest = me, can he see the item?

I hope that helps!



Thanks Kelly! I did checked the items you mentioned. When set it to 'Read all items', the other users can see all the items including the ones they did not create. And the default view is always being the 'All Items' instead of the custom view I made.