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Recently I've seen many different users on different sites experience problems with SharePoint lists. They are all getting the same error on different lists which prevents them from accessing them. The error in question says: Something went wrong Invalid Argument: 'headers' missing application ID header


Sometimes reloading fixes it, clearing cookies can fix it, and trying a different link can fix it. This problem keeps coming up though and I'm not sure how to find the root of the issue to prevent this from happening over and over. Any ideas?

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Hi  @Scott180 

Users across multiple SharePoint sites are encountering a recurring "Invalid Argument: 'headers' missing application ID header" error when trying to access lists. While temporary solutions like reloading and clearing cookies work, the issue persists. To resolve this:

  1. Ensure updates and patches are up-to-date.
  2. Review customizations and code for conflicts.
  3. Check authentication settings and network configuration.
  4. Monitor server logs for insights.
  5. Engage Microsoft Support if needed.
  6. Communicate transparently with users about progress.

By following these steps, you can pinpoint the cause and implement a lasting solution for the error, enhancing SharePoint list usability.

@Lalit Mohan We are using the online version of SharePoint, so how would I check to make sure it’s updated or go through the code? Can I check the logs for the online version as well? If so, what would I be looking for?

Hi @Scott180 


Certainly! When using the online version of SharePoint, here's what you can do to ensure it's updated and monitor its performance:

  1. Check for Updates: SharePoint Online is managed by Microsoft, so updates are handled by them. Keep an eye on official Microsoft communications for news on the latest updates and improvements.

  2. Review Logs: While you can't access all the code, you can use SharePoint Online's logs and tools:

    • Audit Logs: Track user activity and content changes.
    • Unified Audit Logs: Monitor user and admin activities for security insights.
    • Service Health Dashboard: Check for service status and ongoing incidents.
    • Admin Center Reports: Get usage and performance insights.

Look for anomalies or errors in logs that might indicate issues, and use these tools to troubleshoot or contact Microsoft support for help.

Lalit response are ChatGPT anwsers and those are usually hit and miss...

As for you error, check what error the user is getting on web browser Console. Usually that will give a hint about the error. Post a screenshot here if possible

Are users getting this on new lists or old lists ?
Are they created from the GUI or Provisioned ?
Any custom to these lists such as Content type that has been provisioned?

If everything is stock, than you probably need to create a case with support as it's a back-end issue.
There's a screenshot on there already. I'm getting this on all types of lists on different sites.
I'm not sure what you mean on the last two questions though.
The screenshot doesn't give us the actual error. When it happens, press f12 and screenshot the console in developer tools, you should have errors there that should say more
I see. I’ll take a screenshot next time it comes up.