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Hi there, 

I have a SharePoint list containing the names of customers + their emails, i would like to know if there is any possible way to make a "checkbox" of sorts that could be accessed without editing the specific list item or doing quick edit. 

It does not have to do anything, the only reason for it is for someone to see if a customer has been "ticked" off or not? :) 

It is relatively annoying having to do this in any of edit modes :) 

- Cheers, Toby! 

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Hi @Tobias_Christensen,


Would the "Yes/No Checkbox" JSON column format work? More details here:


Someone would still need to "tick off" the customer.


I hope this helps.






Hi @Norman Young 

Thanks very much for the answer, this does look amazing! 

However, the issue that i am having is that one still needs to acces the individual element on the list in some way, either by editing the individual item or making use of "quick edit". What I would have liked to achieve was to in some ways create a check list where it would be possible to open the SP list and tick boxes off without having to enter any sort of 'Edit' mode :) 

Hi @Tobias_Christensen,


I understand but don't think it is possible with "out of the box" functionality. You could add a Flow "button" to your list (see link below for details) that could set the tick boxes. The behavior will not be as fluid as you desire.


Let us know what you end up doing. I see value in what you are attempting.


I hope this helps.



@Tobias_Christensen I have the same need. I think a good way to express what you are looking for is for example I have a Task list. The %complete is used to create a calc field called complete. when I include complete in the view, it provides a checkbox which can then be checked off without editing the list at all (other than obviously what is done when you check the box).  I have another field which is Yes/No which I would like to have the same behavior. 


Did you ever find a solution?

@Tobias_Christensen @dwahlroos @Norman Young this can be done if you create a canvas app in Power Apps and use your SharePoint list as the data source.


My list is towns & villages I have visited in Almeria in Spain (where I live). The list is called Almeria, the ID column has the item's ID and I've renamed the label containing it to lblID. The Title column has the name of the town or village and I've renamed the label containing it to lblTitle. The Visited column in the list is a Yes/No column.


In the data card for the first item add a checkbox with a default value of ThisItem.Visited.


The properties for the OnCheck and OnUncheck are:

Patch(Almeria, LookUp(Almeria, ID = Value(lblID.Text), {ID: Value(lblID.Text), Title: lblTitle.Text, Visited: true}))


On Uncheck: 
Patch(Almeria, LookUp(Almeria, ID = Value(lblID.Text), {ID: Value(lblID.Text), Title: lblTitle.Text, Visited: false}))




The patch function updates the list for the specific ID. It doesn't change any other value apart from the Visited to either true or false which will display Yes or No in the SharePoint list.


You can either embed the app in a SharePoint page or run it as standalone. And this method means you do not need to edit each item to change the checkbox value but can do it on-the-fly and it will update the list in the background as shown in the attached short video..


Do come back with any questions about this.


Los Gallardos
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Hi @RobElliott, Well Done! But I don't understand why this can't be done directly in SharePoint out of the box! It should be. Its basic! I was expecting the the new Microsoft Lists would have this functionality, but for my dissapointment they dont have. I hope they solve this issue quickly. Best Regards, Joana

@Joana Villas-Boas it has never been out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality so I doubt it will appear quickly.


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Thank you for your answer. It is hard to understand such a limitation .

@RobElliott I do beg to differ. It works out of the box on one of their tasks based lists which I use.  That's why I thought it should be something simple to implement. I tried to copy what they did but I can't get it and don't have a lot of time to spend on it to do it.  It was driving me crazy wondering why I couldn't get it to behave as I wanted it to until I read this thread.



@dwahlroos  - which Task based list?  

@bjlasslett , oh the obvious one... lol.  thank you very much!