SharePoint Learning Management System

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Training process is an important process of building a better business, that is what we think at our organization. As organization grew training has become a hard process It takes a big amount of time and cost to train people to a certain level of skills and compliance. So we are looking for an automatic learning management system to deploy at our organization to streamline our training processes. With this adoption, the training portal is required to quickly manage the new training courses at a low training cost. One of the main requirements of this solution would be to make the new hires ready for the new office culture and work process. Also a Learning Management System that allows users to have great flexibility in the way they like to access the courses/system. We have been prospecting some solutions and are considering some learning management system, much like this.

I was just wondering if i could get more expert advice on the matter then it would be great right. Please do provide your insights on this. Thanks in Advance.

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