SharePoint home page not working

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Hi Community friends!


Hopefully somebody is able to help me out. A customer of mine is using a SharePoint community site. The site itself is working just fine. Employees can reach it with a link, and all seems well.


However, one thing is not going as planned. When I lookup this site in the SharePoint admin center and from there I click on the site address, I get a 404 not found page:


It only occurs on the site address. All other pages (including the Home page (home.aspx) is working just fine. I've checked if something have been deleted, but nothing in the recycle bin.


I've tried to rename the site address in the settings of the site in the SharePoint admin center, but so far, nothing worked.


Hopefully somebody is willingly to let his/her magic work! Thanks very much in advance!



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Maybe the page set as Home Page was removed? You can check with developer tools to see which page is trying to be loaded, if you confirm the page is not there you can try to set the home.aspx as home page

Hi @Koen_RealConnections  try to check what is the WelcomePage assigned to the site using the following URL:$select=WelcomePage .


In the result, you should see the correct location of the home page. As @Andres Gorzelany  mentioned, it's possible that this page has been removed.