Sharepoint Excel documents no longer support Internet Explorer

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Running into an issue where one excel document uploaded to SharePoint does not work in Internet Explorer. The worksheet comes up blank and a warning telling me to download Edge appears. There is nothing fancy about this excel document and all of our other documents work just fine.


We have not yet moved all of our users to Edge due to custom sites requiring the use of IE11 (long standing problem, can't be helped). Is there no other solution here? The document was working up until last week. Is it possible someone accidentally used a feature that is not supported? It doesn't make sense that it is just this one document while others work ok.

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The issue is due to the font choice - I changed every sheet to calibri and now it works just fine in Internet Explorer 11.

There seems to be another issue now (granted Microsoft may have disabled Office Online in IE by now); I have several sheets in SharePoint that already use the font Calibri (see Paul's answer) that just stopped working since March 4th (approx 1 week ago). Opening in Edge and Firefox works fine.