SharePoint Drive Mapping Windows 11- Internet Explorer options locked out

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Hi all seen a few issues and resolutions with Mapping drives using File Explorer and random disconnections.


I recently started building Windows 11 laptops but attached fixes the following problems, this should also work with Windows 10 and Edge


  1. Map a drive in SharePoint using file explorer
  2. Mapped drive random disconnections
  3. Windows 11 internet options showing greyed out and locked


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this totally works for Windows 10 too, bravo

@Terry_Cole - just signed up to say thank you, this is a solution to a problem we have had for ages. Legend!

Happy to help, been a pain for us as well if you give us a like will promote solution
great share. it worked smoothly. thank you!
does this work longer than the 30 days that edge says IE mode will work ?
I have noticed that it will drop off after a few days and my fix is to re-open Sharepoint in IE mode and then the Windows Explorer view works again. I assume it must be a security related timeout or something similar...

I created a script that does it every time user logs in @Naude23 

Thanks for your help. Works great.

This is amazing, @Terry_Cole--thank you! Seconding Mike's question, would you be willing to share that login script for us to take a peek at?

Thanks for your help. Works great.

Since this post is where I kept looking for information about this, I wanted to provide an update:


In the past few weeks, Microsoft has started to block SharePoint Online addresses from being opened in Edge's IE mode, which ended our ability to use this workaround (as we could no longer generate that authentication credential.)


Fortunately, Microsoft has also added functionality into Edge and SPO to regain access to the WebDAV interface. It requires a tiny bit of configuration, the instructions for which are here:


We've rolled it out, and it's been working out great. If your environment prefers to stick with mapped drives, you can set up the new mapping once you use Edge to open any library in Explorer view once. (The authentication is good for the whole site, and not just whatever library you opened initially.)


Hope this helps someone. :)