Sharepoint document saved locally but cannot upload to server

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Some of our Office365/SharePoint users have experienced an issue where they save changes to a Word Document, and a message pops up stating:

"We've saved your changes locally, but we can't upload your changes to the server right now.  We'll retry uploading them the next time you open this file"


This message provides a "Learn More" link discussing the Upload Center being replaced by the Files Needing Attention area.


We are using the Aspose document builder to produce these documents in our C# ASP .NET Web Application.  While I'm attempting to track down this error, it's important to note that when the user opens the document again, the changes are saved and all appears normal.


I've searched the exact phrase from the message, but no relevant results have been found.  


Could this simply be a minor hiccup in the network causing this, or is it an indicator of something else?


Any help or guidance to track this down would be great.



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you are talking about .NET framework for building document. Are you using some client app to create those documents?
They're built from MS Word Document Templates, merged from the database using Aspose.
You issue seems regarding network connectivity or synching issue. Did user face the same issue again and again? Did you check to build User profile on separate machine?

I have understanding that the building / merging document is done by sharepoint and you don't need any other application.


I had this issue for a few of my users and I was able to resolve issue after we deleted all the cache file from "C:\Users\5+2\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache".

Hey @JeffKing222 

This happened to me and I actually lost my work!

Is there anything I can do to recover it?


Did you see any version on sharepoint? If it is only in local then it will be difficult.

@Ali Murtaza Is there a way to recover if the version is not shown in Sharepoint and is only local? Where would it be located?