Sharepoint DateTime Timezone Issues

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I'm having an issue with a SharePoint list that uses datetime across different time zones.  This column is really only needed for a date.  I have set the Time zone for the SharePoint to UTC, but it still seems to be converting the time for users.  Although it's saved at midnight on a date, if you attempt to edit the date, it shows 4am ( I am in EST time zone). For a user is CST time zone, all of the dates are showing 11pm the night before, and when you go to edit the date, it's showing 4am too.  It seems as though it's displaying in local time but saving in UTC. 


This is also weird, because I'm using this SharePoint list as a data source in a Power App with Power BI integration, and it won't work for the user in CST because the dates don't match.  I thought it would use the stored date (UTC), but it seems to be using the local date. 


Also, I made the time zone UTC last week sometime, so I don't think it's delay/syncing issue.

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I completely agree with you and, so far, I haven't been able to figure out how to handle the time part of a field which is explicitly said to be date only. Any chance you have been successful since your message ?
I also agree. Haveing a date time column in date only mode storing a time that remains hidden but can influence the value display is really poor. If it is date the value should be the same irrespective of where in the world it was entered and retrieved. The value stored and shown should not be affected by things like time zone settings.