SharePoint Content Types (from Hub) and MS changes

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I'm provisioning a site through a flow, which in turn executes a Site Design (site script) that creates a library and adds several Content Types from a CT hub.

After creating the site I have to wait a few hours before I can attempt to run the site script to add the Content types. The reason for the wait is I think after creating a site, time is required to sycronise the hub to the new site.

This was all working but a few days ago it stopped. A few articles say that there will be a change from a pull to a push model.

In the link above there is a new verb - 'addContentTypesFromHub' but no examples. I tried adding it to the sitescript but it errors. The code below adds the CT to the site and then assigns it to a new library:


    "$schema": "",
    "actions": [
            "verb": "createContentType",
            "name": "myCT name",
            "id": "0x010100FDBFA5F33B995B42BCF9E8B473960893",
            "description": "",
            "parentId": "0x0101",
            "hidden": false,
            "group": "myGroup",
            "subactions": []

            "verb": "createSPList",
            "listName": "doc2",
            "templateType": 101,
            "subactions": [
                    "verb": "addContentType",
                    "name": "myCT name",
                    "id": "0x010100FDBFA5F33B995B42BCF9E8B473960893"
    "bindata": {},
    "version": 1



Any ideas on the new MS changes and way forward? Screenshot of error:

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@OrangeJuiceJones In case you haven't found it already, this is now documented with a sample :backhand_index_pointing_right:here:backhand_index_pointing_left:


It just needs an array of Content Type IDs, so for more than one, the sampel would look something like this:

  "verb": "addContentTypesFromHub",
  "ids": [