Sharepoint Communication Site Upload PDF issue

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We are getting the following error when attempting to upload PDF's on sharepoint communication site. We have previously been able to upload PDF's but this week it is not working?


'This isn't a file type we support. You can only upload an item.'PDF error.JPG

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Have you tried to upload the file using different browsers and also on another Communication Sites?

We have the exact same problem on our communication site. We have tried Edge, Chrome and Firefox, but we only have one communication site so I don't know if the problem occurs only on one site.

Tried in Internet Explorer and Chrome but get the same error. We have Team group site which uploads PDF fine.


We are able to upload other formats like word and jpeg. 

Did you find a fix for this?

Unfortunately not :(

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A workaround is to go to OneDrive and upload the PDF's there. Then you can 'copy link' of the file(s) and add them to sharepoint.


Not ideal, as it adds a few more steps!

@Mandeep Sinda 


even it's more than 2 years ago I have the same issue here in Sharepoint2019 on Premise.

Is there a solution in the meantime?