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In mid 2019, "When someone comments on your page or news post, SharePoint notifies you via email." was finally introduced:


According to authors at my site, they finally started getting comment notifications in the fall of 2019, but then comment notifications stopped a month or two ago. The site authors have asked me to turn comment notifications back on. But I can't find any place in site settings to control it.


Does anyone know how to turn this feature on/off? If there is no setting for it, does anyone know why it stopped working?

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As far as I know its just on and cannot be turned off unless the user unsubscribes. I have tested the functionality this morning in a tenant that is set to first release and notifications are working.


There is a setting in a users OneDrive settings to allow notifications from comments so If they have unsubscribed this is where in theory you should be able to turn it back on. 


Hope that helps

That will work. We were wondering if there was an "on/off" in the site settings since my searches turned up several instances of people stating that "it used to work and now it doesn't". The total lack of documentation of this feature is a bit unnerving. Thanks @Andrew Hodges