sharepoint changing dates to US format

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hi guys,


hope you can help,


i have a sharepoint folder where another app drops excel files in every day. these in turn are used as data sources for powerbi.


this has been working fine for months.


however randomly sharepoint has been converting the date format to US format, breaking all my reports.


the locale setting on sharepoint is set to uk. nothing has been changed at all. 


i have checked the files that are sent to sharepoint and they are in uk format also.


please can someone hekp


lucy x

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@luckylucy69 Maybe this is because of recent updates by Microsoft to SharePoint online. I have seen below similar thread where OP is also facing issues with date format: Date display / format keeps changing when we edit list item 


Raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this issue: Get M365 support - online support 

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