SharePoint calendar in Teams

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Does anyone know if there is a way to share a SharePoint calendar in Teams? 

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Yes, you can share you calendar to Mcirosoft teams if you are using O365 subscrioption. 

Any Office 365 subscription, which includes Exchange online license, Sharepoint and teams as well such as O365 Business premium. 


to share your calendar, you have to create a team site on Sharepoint, the team site will create by default calendar in outlook and teams as well, so once you create an appointment in the teams calendar, this appointment will be synced automatically in the outlook calendar, and the calendar will be accable from the site member only.


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please let me know if i could help you :)

Hi Mahhus, why would I want to create a whole new Sharepoint Teams site when I already have a Microsoft Team which has its own SharePoint site? I don't want to manage both separately. Do you have suggestions for adding a calendar to the SharePoint site that comes with Teams?