Sharepoint as the interface for a contact list or database

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I used to use MS Dynamics which I loved but when I switched company's I had to create my own database using SharePoint. It must have been an older version because I was able to create a form with various fields like Building Address, Main Contact etc. directly in SharePoint in the back end I guess. I was able to create restricted (drop downs or multiple choice) and unrestricted (free text) fields.

All the info would be stored in an excel spreadsheet in the background. Then when I would select a specific building it would bring me to the completed form and I could see the information I needed. 


Now I am at another company and they have the Office365 SharePoint and I don't know how to do the same. I don't want to use Access as it is too complicated and time consuming and Forms doesn't work since it tracks responses and I will not be sending the form to anyone. Can anyone help me?

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Use Microsoft Lists instead of Excel and bring it into your site with its web part.
Thanks Marc. That's exactly what I needed. This is simply an updated version of the back end I used before.