SharePoint as Content Management System for e.g. Documentation

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Does SharePoint allow ”Content Management System” functionality so that e.g documentation on policies, working instructions, flow charts, … can be posted on a company’s intranet rather to have to store all the documentation in documents in a document library?



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@thomasknebel yes it does. Our entire business managment system (for 65000 staff) including flow charts, policies, documents and pages is stored across multiple SharePoint sites associated to the main hub site intranet on SharePoint. Are there specific features you are looking for?

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@RobElliott, thank you for your reply and feedback. Actually, you described the features I was looking for, to include flow charts (in particular), policies, documents and pages. It is good to hear that SharePoint can be used to document and publish a business management system. That means I just have to get started with SharePoint in order to get to learn it better and make use of its features.

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Can I ask how you have done this ?

hi  @thomasknebel, if you're looking for resources to know about SharePoint sites and how you can leverage each for specific needs (an intranet, a collaboration site, etc), check these out: 

- Diff SP sites and how it compares with Teams 

- SP site design best practices

- Make the most of modern SP sites


Hope these help!

@sherianb thanks a lot for your reply and the recommended resources you linked. Unfortunately the links don't work, stating "502 Bad Gateway".
@RobElliott, may I ask you if you used a Team Site or a Communication Site to build you business management system on?

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