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I have created a documet set library to store meeting document.  I added a metadata column named status, which can be (draft, active, archived).  I then created two views, one having status = active and the other status = archive .   The administrator of the document set can add documents and assign status = draft .  On a modern page I then added 2 views, one with the custom view whre status = active (showing the current meeting documents), the other with a custom view where status = archive.  So board memebers can see only documents of the current upcoming meeting and precious meeting documents.  The administrator keeps documents in status = draft, whilst preparing the meeting pack until ready, then changes the status = active for board members to be able to see them.  This modern page I then added it to a Teams tab.  My problem is that when the document set is clicked to view the document in it, it looses the use of the custom view I set.  I have attached jpeg picture to show what happens.  BoardPackage1 image is when I first show the modern page and showing correctly.  BoardPackage2 image is when I have clicked the document set to view its content and showing correctly, but when I click on "Current Board Meeting" crumb to revert back then the custom view is no longer used.  Can anybody help, so that the custom view is retained.

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Any solution. I have the same problem