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Hi everybaody,

i have a problem just in one DocumentLibary. When i wnat to share a Document or folder with an internal or external specific people the Allow Editing checkbox is greyed out. I have this problem only in that Teams SiteCollection.  Any ideas ?


Thanks Peter

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Probably you (or the recipient) don't have a edit permission on this item or document library. 

Check your permissions and try again.



@Alireza Rahimifarid thanks for your answer. But the starts before. I am training to setup the sharing with an external. I want to allow the editing for the external that is not working only in this case. On other SideCollections it is working fine. 

Any other ideas ?


1. Who is trying to Share the document? You or External user? (I assume you) 

2. For sure there is some different here. Please check domain and permissions one more time.


Hi @Pete32,


Does Allow Editing show up for any of the other link types? 


Can you confirm that the Limited Access Lockdown mode is not enabled for this site? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive