Share a file as email attachment not as a link in SharePoint

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Is it possible to share a file as email attachment not as a link in SharePoint? I think in the past it was possible.

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@AtanasM When you write an email and select "Attach file" and then "Browse Web Locations" and select a file, from OneDrive or SharePoint, you should get this question: Share or Attach.png

@Magnus Goksøyr this is in Outlook. Is it possible directly from SharePoint to choose the file and to send it in an email as attachment?
No, unfortunately it is not. This functionality is in Outlook.
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OOTB this is not possible. It requires downloading of the SharePoint document, creating a new email in Outlook and attaching the downloaded file.

1. There are 3rd party SharePoint apps that offer this capability (example). This allows users to select one or more documents in SharePoint and attach them to a new email.
2. Use PowerAutomate


@Paul_HK_de_Jong could you provide a sample of a 3rd party SharePoint app?

The Collab365 site contains a list with SHAREPOINT EMAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. See here and here.