Setup SharePoint Syntex in E5 Subscription ?

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Is Syntex available in an E5 developer subscription?

I've created a developer tenant, set up a couple of AD accounts, created a couple of SharePoint site collections, but I'm not seeing the Files and content section on the Setup page.

  • In the Microsoft 365 admin center, select Setup, and then view the Files and content section.

  • In the Files and content section, select Automate content understanding.

  • On the Automate content understanding page, click Get started to walk through the setup process.

Setup link:


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@nullorempty Good question!

Same issue here, lets hope we get some answers from MS :)

It's not looking like we will see an answer on here, so, would you assume it would best to open a ticket with Microsoft to get an answer?

@nullorempty Hello,

Perhaps... I will try to see what I can find, let us keep each other posted on any findings! :)

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand

I just submitted a ticket via Premier Support asking this same question.
Keep you posted!


I've just setup an E5 Dev Tenant and also not seeing this option in setup. 

Did you get any response from Microsoft?


Cheers, Ellya