Set a different expiration date for files FOR sharepoint

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I have a document library
I want to set different expiration date for files

Send an alert to the e-mail when this date is reached


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What do you mean by expiration? Do you mean retention of documents? Or sharing of documents?

@Chris Webb  I don't mean that, but I do mean
For example, I have a commercial registration certificate that expires after 6 months, for example
I want to set a date and get an email alert when that date comes

You can look into retention and disposition of content, but that's pretty complex and requires labeling of all documents etc.

But it sounds like you need to setup tasks or something based on that document. In this case I would have a library with a follow up metadata column and then create a flow using power automate that runs on a daily schedule and e-mail or create a task or whatever other action when that date matches the date you set in that column for the file.

Laura Rogers and Shane Young have some good content on Youtube for learning flow etc. if you want to look into going down that route.


It would be similar to this, but instead of "Created" It would be a custom date column on your library like "Expires on" 



@Chris Webb Exactly what I want
That I receive an email on these dates on OutlookCapture.JPG

Yeah you would want to setup a flow similar to my example above.

You can set a manual reminder using the built in reminder flow they have in libraries now under "Automate" when you select an item, you can specify to give you an alert on that date, but you have to do it for each item. I'd prefer the flow personally since you can setup your own rules and own custom e-mail etc. based on the match.

@Chris Webb  

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do the flow that you did
Is there a video or something like this? Take steps to implement that

Laura Rogers / Shane Young, search youtube, there is tons of content how to do flows. Here is the first search result of something pretty similar, it's an older post and the "apply to all" is generated for you automatically but same holds true.