Search only returns results for site admins?

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We have a SharePoint Online site that is exhibiting a very odd search behavior.  If a user clicks on a document library and then performs a search they get "Nothing here matches your search."  However, if a site admin performs the same search, results are displayed. The permissions for the site are very simple and everything appears to be correct.  Members have Edit permissions, and Owners have Full permissions.  I've checked and made sure that all documents are checked-in.  In the Library Settings, I've confirmed that the Allow items from this document library to appear in search results option is set to Yes.  I've also reindexed the document library.  In Site Settings > Search and Offline Availability I've set the Allow this site to appear in search results to Yes.  I've selected the Always index all Web Parts on this site option. I've also reindexed the site.  We've also run a PowerShell script to recrawl.  Still, the search issue is not resolved.  Search appears to be functioning properly on the root site collection, but not on the other site collections.  Has anyone else run into this problem?  Any suggestions on what else I should try?


Update 1/6/2017:
We've gotten a little closer to figuring out what is causing the issue.  We suspect it is an issue with using an Office 365 Group and then adding that group to the SharePoint site's Members group.  Has anyone else run into this issue where an Office 365 Group is added to a SharePoint security group and users are unable to see search results?

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Earon, have you managed to solve this? We are experiencing a very similar issue, except that there is no o365 group involved, the permission list contains only users, no groups.

In general when admins see things but users don't content ( inlcuding display templates etc) are not published. Best thing to do is check all files that may be involved in presenting the information. Somehting is likely not published and therefor not visible to the normal user.

In our case even the "search as you type" way (so the search box in the upper left corner of a modern document library) fails to return any results. Btw this was my first thought also, so I double checked the results.aspx in the search center subsite, but it was checked in and published.

It appears I just wasn’t patient enough, search now works properly.

There is a delay between having access to a document library and having access to search results sourced from that library, and this time it was longer than the usual.

Were you able to fix it? I'm having the same issue with a Modern Team Site -- the full site search works ok for guests, but the document/list library search does not. All search works ok for admins. If I create a new Modern Team Site and set it up (seemingly) the same, the new site works. It makes me think the Modern Team Site I'm having issues with is corrupted somehow. Incidentally, the Site Permissions and other settings pages are the old style with the problematic Team Site, while they're the modern style with any new Team Site that I create.

I have the same issue too. Any update on the Office 365 Group members not getting search results. How do we fix this ?
I have this exact same problem: o365 group members are unable to return search results within a new site collection. As soon as I added each user by name to the same SP Group, these users are now able to search and return results. took almost 45mins for o365 to sync this change.
Hope this helps anyone else with this problem.

tl;dr - add users by name to SP group if they have a search problem. wait for o365 to sync changes

We have this exact problem as well, anno 2023. Thankfully, this fix works for us as well. But I have no idea why there should be this problem with SharePoint reading memberships of O365 groups, and specifically in search.
So I'm curious if anyone has insight into why this problem continues to occur, when O365 groups are touted as the way to simplify the organization of rights in O365