Sales rep at a small company doing mostly b2b sales

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Hey everyone,

I am the only sales rep at a small company doing mostly b2b sales, both inside and outside sales. I have a huge list of prospects/clients that I keep on a google sheets, and it’s been working pretty well for me. However, I need to organize these prospects and clients better, because I do a lot of cold calls and it’s hard to keep track of everyone on google sheets.

What’s a good customer relation management solution that I can use, so that I can save time organizing my prospects and keep track of them better / more efficiently. If it helps- my company is considering for a long-term use and investment. We have already contacted a few of the contract management software vendors after filtering from the numerous that we found on the internet. But, I’d like explore my options here.

I’m fairly new to sales , so any advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Try RapidCRM Dynamics 365 Accekerator, it’s free package ( software) you will only need pay min $10 Power App license for user. It’s model driven app on Dataverse and very customizable. It’s pretty much lite version of Dynamics Sales. We are using as our CRM. It’s using same standard database and if you decided upgrade to full version of Dynamics 365 Sales it just interface change. All integrated in 365 environment, Power BI, etc
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