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My question is regarding the default Risk and Issues Logs that come with Project Online/Project Web App. After some research, it seems clear that a person should not delete these logs. Before realizing that, however, we did alter the response options. For example, under Status- we changed the choices to Active and Inactive instead of the default - Active, Postponed, Closed. I’m also wondering if under Category, where it says “Category 1, Category 2, Category 3” if those are meant to stay as that description, or can we override and list our specific categories (e.g., Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality).  


Will the functionality of these logs still work the same even though the response options have been changed? Can we leave our response options as is, or should we change them back to the default responses? Basically, how do we reset the default questions/functionality in the “out of the box” Risk and Issues Logs? Do we manually recreate it or is there another way to reset? We aren’t using a roll-up view or report of risks across all projects at this time in Project Center but would like to in the future. I’m concerned that we’ve manipulated the fields and now the cross-project reporting won’t work accurately.  



Risk log input form of category answers and fields that we altered 



Risk log input form of what we assume is the default for SharePoint/PWA 

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