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Hello everyone,

Newbie in sharepoint speaking, please bear with me :)


I'm creating a sharepoint site, in which I would like to create several pages, each one of them with unique permissions. Page A for client A, page B for client B, etc. On my home page I would like to have some sort of links to those pages. Here is the catch: I don't want client A to know that there is a page for Client B and vice-versa, so whenever they would arrive at the homepage, client A would ONLY see a link to his page, and the same goes to client B.




I've already set the unique permissions for each page.


For the visuals, I tried using the "sites" web part but it doesn't show pages within the sharepoint site, tried links web part but cannot seem to restrict them, so it just shows all the links.


Any help would be appreciated.




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Well, Web Part provided by Microsoft does not support at all the use case you have here. What I normally advice when this scenario comes over the table is to ask a developer to build a custom Web Part

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thank you very much for clarifying. Would you recommend any alternative to achieve similar results? I realized pages in the site navigation bar are filtered with the permissions applied to the given pages, so client A only actually sees page A there, but I didn't want to use that bar.