Resources for new users of Sharepoint?

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Hello!  we're trying out Sharepoint Online for a new way to work with each other, and clients.  Is there a good book, video series, online or other source for the hard questions?  I couldn't care less about changing the company logo, the attractive images available, or any of those other superficial things, I'm looking for -

Adding members, both inside and outside the organization.

Permissions on outsiders, limiting their access to certain folders

Sharing folders from one team Site to another

Renaming a site (we started a site to experiment with, but would now like to change its name only).


Most of the online videos are more about creating a site and adding content, but that seems to be about it.  So far, the blog looks VERY advanced for me so far.  I'm going to have a little time to focus on this, I'm just looking for some direction.  Thanks!  chris

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My recommendations here:
(1) Take a look at the learning paths around SPO in Microsoft Learn
(2) Take a look at the adoption resources for SPO here in the Tech Community