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Does anyone know how to republish a news article (short of creating a new page) so that it would show up on the News web part for a second time?

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Ordering of news is based on First Published Date, which is not something you can change in the user interface. This may not be exactly what you need (and may not yet be in your tenant), but you can change the order of news articles using the new Organize feature in the web part. It effectively allows you to pin and article to a specific position. You can see screen shots and learn more in this help post: I see the Organize feature in my Targeted Release tenant but not yet in other tenants.


Thanks, Susan. I just peeked at the web part and saw that it is indeed enabled on my tenant. I didn't realize they had updated it.

Yup, First Published Date is the column and you can edit it actually via UI. If the new web part updates don't do what you need you can update this column pretty easy by doing the following:


Add the First Published Date column by using show/hide columns to your All pages site pages view then save that view with the same or new name.

You might need to refresh your browser page to get quick edit to show but then go into quick edit and you'll be able to modify the dates there. 

Yes, that works-pretty cool! It's a great little hack! I never even tried it because I usually have Site Pages in a Group By view, when you can't use Quick Edit. :)

I can't edit the First Published Data- it says "This cell is read-only". Did you do something to change that?
Just like TinaCramer stated below, that First Published Date is read-only when in 'edit in grid view' mode, so how do we actually edit that value??