Remove "Add shortcut to OneDrive" from Sharepoint Sites

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We have our users want to use the 'Sync' and not the 'shortcut to OneDrive' for file on the Sharepoint sites.  

I was able to run from powershell:

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Set-SPOTenant -DisableAddShortcutsToOneDrive $True
WARNING: Users in your organization will no longer be able to add new shortcuts to their OneDrive while the feature is in Public Preview. However, existing shortcuts will remain functional.

Which is exactly what we want but... It persists.


Any help on removing this from the sites?




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@RanchoJack I am having the same issue, by any chance did you get a solution for this?

There is a UserVoice about this - have a look here and vote for it too.


Best bet is to test that Powershell, and if it doesn't work, then raise a ticket to MS to get this resolved. This new feature isn't wanted by us either, and we want it turned off too. 

@Joe McGiven Corban 


Removing the add shortcut to Onedrive from sharepoint Sites is working again.

Update your sharepoint powershell module and run the command to disable the shortcut


Shortcut is now gone in my Tenant.

Awesome, thanks for confirming @RonaldvdMeer - our GA's applied the setting, and it works! It can take about 15 mins or so to propagate, but after the delay it was removed on all sites.


Great to have that button removed - we only want the Sync option to be there, and not have folks 'sync' SharePoint libraries to their OneDrive. Cheers


I have logged a call with Microsoft this morning as this command was not working for me. They have replied to inform me that this command no longer works. I did express concern that it is important that customers have the ability to switch this feature off as it is confusing and has some potential for users to misinterpret what they are seeing and make potentially dangerous changes/deletions to shared libraries.


The agent confirmed that he had heard similar concerns and suggested that I request this feature be re-instated. I will do but not holding much hope for it to re-appear any time soon.

I just ran this and 15 minutes later it is removed from my tenant. :)
When i run get-spotenant i don't see a listing for that setting though.....

@Richard Jenner  ok, so I have just checked and the Add Shortcut link is now NOT appearing in our Document libraries so it seems it has worked after all... Well thats good !


What does "while the feature is in Public Preview" imply? Isn't it out of Public Preview now? I thought that's what the "generally available" post in December was about. I just hope that this isn't a command designed to expire at some point, because that wouldn't make any sense.



I updated my modules and was able to run the command and get the yellow comment about it "being in preview".


Unfortunately after multiple days, the choice remains in all document libraries.

This feature is completely pointless and the inability to turn it off is causing big problems for us. Users don't understand what the feature is for, they click it to see what it does, and then the OneDrive "Sync" connection they already have set up stops working. I don't see why the two things have to be mutually exclusive in the first place, but if it's one or the other, we need a way to turn the "Add a shortcut" thing OFF.


I upvoted the associated request on UserVoice; now I suppose it's just a matter of sit-and-wait for six years for Microsoft to do something about it, like everything else that ends up on UserVoice.


Have you read my comments. It is possible disable shortcuts

That Powershell command no longer works. I tried it, as did at least one other person on this thread. It's not working.
I just tried again. It works
Well, it doesn't work here. The command specifically references "public preview" which this feature is no longer a part of. Running the command isn't working here, or for others.

@mgudites1 as an FYI, my reply above was accurate that it didn't work for me, at least it didn't the first time.  For some reason a week later when I tried it (maybe after I rebooted?) it worked fine and now we no longer have the option showing which is great.  So Ronald Meer was correct.

Well, I'll keep trying it...Microsoft even told me "it won't work anymore" but maybe it's been re-enabled and they just don't realize it. I'll give it the weekend and take a look again on Monday.
Yeah, best I can say is that here was what happened for me:

1. Updated the Sharepoint module on my local laptop and ran the command in the OP
2. Got the same "warning notice" about it being in preview
3. watched SPO and noticed after a week of checking the option was still there
4. Decided to try it one more time
5. 24 hours later the option was gone...and just the "sync" option remained

So I don't know why, but I'm glad it actually took as I agree with you that the negatives of keeping it outweigh the positives.
Go to your OneDrive online and delete the SharePoint shortcut folder , done
Best To all

@MavDovlat Riiiiiiiiight, but that doesn't stop users from creating the shortcuts in the first place. It breaks the existing "Sync" between SharePoint and their OneDrive desktop clients, the data stops syncing, and then other people on the team aren't seeing the user's  changes to the SharePoint library because the user doesn't understand it's not actually syncing anymore.. That's the problem.