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Publishing feature is enabling but not showing the "Site Content and Structure" feature to owners of the site and Site admin as well.

but workaround only for the site administration is : we can see this “site content and structure” after amending this path “/_layouts/15/sitemanager.aspx” in site collection URL.


So please suggest as we wanted to see this feature under the Site Administration for owners of the site and site admin as well.



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Hi Reena, I would suggest adding the concern to Uservoice, but I think they are moving away form this since they removed it from the admin center. There is no direct way to add it back since Microsoft has removed it. Here is uservoice.
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Hi reenaroycs, noticed this in my admin center messages today. This is what's going on with the Site Content and Structure:

We’re replacing Site Content and Structure in SharePoint Online
Stay Informed
Published On : June 28, 2018
Based on customer feedback, we are making some changes in how we are going to approach replacing Site Content and Structure in SharePoint Online with native File Move and Copy capabilities. Starting in October 2018 the Site Content and Structure page will no longer be supported or receive feature updates; however, it will remain accessible for site collection administrators to use until March 2019.
How does this affect me?
SharePoint Online uses the Site Content and Structure page to manage both the content and structure of your SharePoint site collection. This page is available only when SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure is an activated site collection feature. While this page provides a basic mechanism for managing content and structure, we are investing our development resources to introduce and develop advanced capabilities such as File Move and Copy.

In addition, we will continue modernizing the Team Site experience, allowing features like File Move and Copy to enhance content management for your organization.

Starting in October, only site collection administrators will still be able to use the Site Content and Structure page. This limited availability will remain in place until March 2019, at which time the Site Content and Structure page will be fully retired.
What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
If your organization is using the Site Content and Structure page, we recommend your organization starts using File Copy and Move. Also, you may want to update your internal documentation and training resources.

Please click Additional Information to learn more about File Move and Copy capabilities in SharePoint Online, and keep sending us your input on upcoming changes via Message Center feedback.

we use the 'reports' feature in 'Site content and structure' where you change the 'view' setting to a pre-configured report - for instance to find all files 'Checked out to me'

does anyone know of an alternative to this out of the box? I can't see anything that would work at a site collection level, only for a specific pages / document library - I can configure a web part or a view at a library level.

I used site content and structure to delete and clean-up survey responses so that each year we started with  0 reponses.  I exported the previous year into Excel and archived them then went to content and structure to mass delete responses.  Do you have tips for how to achieve this mass delete of survey responses now that content and structure is no longer available?

@Chris Webb 

@Chris Webb What is the solution for in SPO Classic Experience to move files?

On SharePoint online I have gone “/_layouts/15/sitemanager.aspx” path and try to move sub site to another sub site but it not worked, do you have suggestions?