Recycle Bin Duration

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from this article "" I would assume, that when a SITE, LIST, LIBRARY or DOCUMENT gets deleted, it stays 90 days in the Site Recycle bin, then it gets moved to the Site Collcetion RB and there it stays for ADDITIONAL 30 days. This would mean a total of 120 days. I would also assume that a deleted site collection is kept for "only" 30 days in recycle bin.


Am I right?


This (old) blog post "" says that a file (etc.) is kept for 93 (this might explain the "approximately" in the support article) days at maximum (in both recycle bins thogehter).


Thanks for a clarification!


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Correct answer is: 90 days in total no matter if the document is in the first or second stage of the recycle bin

Thanks, I suggest somebody rethinks the wording in the support article and gets rid of the onprem stuff in the SPO part ... ;)


Any backing links? I trust MVPs but some customers need a hard reference or reply from a Microsoft Employee ;)

Actually, deleted files and folders in SharePoint are automatically kept for 93 days in the first stage recycle bin. If the first stage Recycle Bin is emptied or items are deleted from it, they will then be moved to the second stage Recycle Bin, where they will be stored for the remaining days (out of 93 days). For more information, check it out here.