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Hi everyone,


we currently discussing the reorganization of our company intranet page based on sharepoint.

On that page we want to add two news web parts. Both of them got the same resources, sites where the news are coming from.

at the top there should be one webpart that shows the 5 most recent news from the resources, and the other one, at the bottom of the page, should display news only older then 5 most recent. 

The consequence should be that news "travels" from the top to bottom between the the two webparts.

I tried do somethin with the filtering by managed metadata based on the firstpublisheddate. Set that for the first webpart to "this week" and for the other webpart to "last week" - but if more then 5 news are posted this week they completely disappear and only getting visible again when the last weeks filter criteria matches for the other webpart.

Do you have any idea how to solve that - probably I simply lack a logic. :face_with_rolling_eyes:



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