Question/Solution on Archive backup for Sharepoint Files/Folder that is last modified * 1 year ago

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HI All,
can i check whether is there a solution whereby we can only archive backup sharepoint online files/folder that was not touch like 1 year ago??

understand there we are to backup sharepoint online as microsoft only provide the recovery for DR.
but my director does not have the intention of increasing the sharepoint online space.

as of now we are at 1TB out of 2.5TB.
and he would like to only archive and remove any files/folders that is not touch for 1 year.


thank you!

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Hello @Winterkid 


i found this article about archiving document in SharePoint with 6 ways how you can do it:


But this way's are on the same tenant, you move files into other sites not into another environment.


Microsoft has also announced Sites lifecycle policies last week:


Best, Dave

Hi @David Mehr , thank you for your reply.


is there ways to have it backup to a local storage rather than another sharepoint site.
Even after moving from the production sharepoint site to archive site, 

correct me if i am wrong, this still is in the overall total sharepoint storage space and does not reduce the storage even after archive.

Hello @Winterkid 


yes, you can use thirdparty tools to move/sync your files from M365 to local storage, or backup tools to make the backup on your local store.


When you move files from one M365 site to another, then yes, it's the same storage. 


Regards, Dave

Hi @David Mehr ,

Thank you for your reply.
do you have any recommendation for the third-party tool?


Regards, Winterkid

Hello @Winterkid 


as examples, but there are certainly some:


backup: your existing backup tool or skykick

sync: layer2


Best, Dave