Question : SharePoint Library Grouped by Status column issue

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I have a SharePoint Library with multiple column and i have Status Column in it. I have status value "Active" and "Closed". my library default view is grouped by status value. What happening here is my user dragging item and dropping into library some time what happening they are dropping on group "Active" or "Closed" so item get auto tagging status its self. is there any turn of this feature.   every new item should be empty status


Please help me . if anyone have solution for this 



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@Narender This is a SharePoint default functionality & I don't think you can change this. Make sure below two things to avoid this issue:

  1. Set "Default" value of choice column to blank from column settings (I don't think this will matter when you are dragging files in grouped section. But make sure you have set this to blank in column settings.
  2. Ask users to drag the files & drop outside of grouping. If you have "Unassigned" group, drop files there or drop files next to library name like: ganeshsanap_0-1659719568231.png

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