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Attempting to generate a QR code that will open the app or direct to the App Store to download app. How is this accomplished? detailed steps please.

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Hi @mattgill14,

These are the general steps for your question (depending on your app's platform - iOS, Android, etc. and the specific QR code generator you use).

1: Identify the SharePoint App URL
To create a QR code that opens your SharePoint app or directs users to download it, first, determine the URL of your app on the app store or the direct link to your web-based SharePoint app.

  • For SharePoint apps that are already available on the respective app stores (e.g., iOS App Store or Google Play Store), you need to find the URL that links directly to your app's page on the app store. This URL will be used in the QR code to direct users to download the app.

  • If your app is a web-based SharePoint app (e.g., accessible via a URL in a browser), you can use the direct link to the app as the target URL for the QR code.


2: Choose a QR Code Generator

Pick a QR code generator. There are really many various options available, such as QR Code Generator or QR Code Monkey. These generators will help you create the QR code.

3: Enter the App URL
Once you've selected a QR code generator, enter the URL of your SharePoint app in the input field provided.

5: Generate the QR Code
Click the "Generate" or "Create QR Code" button on the website to let the QR code generator create the QR code.

6: Download the QR Code Image
After generating the QR code, download the image to your computer.

7: Share the QR Code
Now, you can share the QR code in various ways – you could embed it on your website or send it through emails.

The QR code you've created will enable users to access your SharePoint app with ease. When someone scans the QR code using their device's QR code scanner or a dedicated QR code reader app, they will be redirected to your SharePoint app's download page on the app store (if it's a native app) or directly to your app (if it's a web-based app).

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