Problems with SharePoint and Firefox

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We are seeing a lot of our users complaining that SharePoint does not load in Firefox, and more than that, actually freezes their computer.


Microsoft support reported this back: "it has been escalated to engineering, numerous customers are having the same with FireFox v99+. A fix is in development"


We have not been able to get any further clarity on timelines for this fix. This issue is really impacting our users and at a critical period in SharePoint adoption which is not helping sentiment.


Can anyone from the SharePoint product team shed some light?


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Seems it has been resolved

Title: Users can't load modern SharePoint Online sites when using the Firefox browser
User Impact: Users were unable to load SharePoint Online modern sites when using the Firefox browser.
More info: Users could have loaded modern sites with private browsing in Firefox or used any other web browser.
Final status: After validating the efficacy of our fix in our internal testing environment, we've completed deploying our fix to the broader affected environment and confirmed with a subset of affected users that impact is remediated.
Scope of impact: This issue may have impacted any user attempting to load SharePoint Online modern sites when using Firefox browser versions 99.0 and above.
Start time: Wednesday, April 6, 2022, 8:34 AM (12:34 PM UTC)
End time: Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 12:00 PM (4:00 PM UTC)
Root cause: A navigation preload problem was preventing users from loading SharePoint Online modern sites when using the latest versions of the Firefox browser.
Next steps: - We're continuing to investigate the underlying cause of the navigation preload problem to better prevent similar future impact.
This is the final update for the event.

@alongoldberghi, I'm experiencing the same issue, started like a month ago.

It seems from your last post that MS fixed the issue, however, now change for me, faced a reset just now... Anything one has to do here to get the fix applied? thanks!

@mike-warningI've also been experiencing the same problem and have been for months. Any updates would be appreciated.

@benlindsayfor me things work fine now, either Mozilla or MS must have fixed sth