Problem with news links included from an associated hub site

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I have created a SP communications site where we publish news links to various external news posts (using the Add "News link" options in Sharepoint). The news links work fine in the communication site when I click on the links. Works as expected..


However, I also wanted to include these posts on our main site using the "Select News Source -> Select Sites -> Sites Associated with this hub" option. I have selected the communication site and related news posts/links titles is displayed as expected on the main site.

So far, so good. But whenever I click on one of the included news posts (news links) the main site just reloads (browser remain on the main page). I have tried different browsers but with same result (just to exclude that it's not a browser related issue). 

Have anyone else experienced the above problem? Is this a known bug? 

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Nope, working fine here at my Org. Marketing just posted a news link to a facebook article on their site which rolled up to our main hub and you can click it fine form main hub to the article.

Is the article in the news link perhaps in the intranet? Or is it linked external?

The links were to our external web site. I did a work-around this time but it's kind of weird that the external links didn't work.