Prevent some news Items from appearing on SharePoint start page

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I am hoping someone can help.


We are a school and we have a Teams site, where we would like pupils to post news stories about their club. However, we do not want those posts to appear on the top of the SharePoint start page.


I understand that news items displayed here are selected from the Microsoft Graph API, but it would be really helpful to prevent news stories from some sites from automatically appearing.


Is there anything we can do to make an exception of certain sites?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Posts there will only show up if you are a member of that site where the news was created or have permission to read them.


So best way would be to create a site where the pupils can posts news and only members who you want to be able to read it to be members.


Another option is to break the permission of those stories and just include the group  of people who you want to read them.