Power BI embed on SharePoint is showing wrong date format for slicer

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We have slicer visual on our Power BI report and we need our date display in dd/mm/yyyy format. The slicer is showing correct format before. However this week we found the all our report using slicer visual is now showing mm/dd/yyyy format.


The report is showing correct format (dd/mm/yyyy) when browse at PowerBI.com or in the Power BI desktop. It is just not working (mm/dd/yyyy) when embed on SharePoint page.


We have tested with Edge and Chrome and both have same result. We have checked our browser language setting, Windows local settings, Power BI Option, SharePoint regional setting. All are set to English (U.K.). In fact, beside the slicer every other visual are showing correct U.K. format. The issue can be easily reproduce by create a new Power BI report and embed on any SharePoint page.


I have contacted MS Power BI support and they said it is not their problem and I should contact SharePoint support.  How can I contact Microsoft SharePoint Support team regarding this problem?

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Hi @SharePointAdmin1030

Issue with Power BI Slicer Date Format: To address the problem with the Power BI slicer date format showing as mm/dd/yyyy instead of the desired dd/mm/yyyy format when embedded on SharePoint, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check SharePoint Regional Settings: Double-check that the regional settings on the SharePoint site are indeed set to English (U.K.). This can be done by going to Site Settings > Site Administration > Regional settings and confirming the locale is set to United Kingdom.

  2. Check SharePoint Site Collection Settings: Ensure that the regional settings are consistent at the site collection level as well. Go to Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Site collection features, and make sure that the feature "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" is activated.

  3. Verify Browser Settings: Confirm that the browser you are using to access SharePoint has its language settings set to English (U.K.).

  4. Check Date Format in SharePoint Lists/Libraries: Ensure that any SharePoint lists or libraries where the Power BI reports are being displayed also have their date format set to dd/mm/yyyy.

  5. Clear Browser Cache: Sometimes, cached data can cause display issues. Try clearing your browser's cache and reload the SharePoint page containing the embedded Power BI report.

  6. Reach Out to SharePoint Support: If the issue persists after trying the above steps, you can contact Microsoft SharePoint Support to seek further assistance. To contact SharePoint Support, follow these steps:

    a. Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center: https://admin.microsoft.com/ b. In the left-hand menu, select "Support" > "New service request." c. Choose "SharePoint" as the product and select the appropriate issue category (e.g., "Report and Dashboard Issues"). d. Follow the prompts to describe the issue and submit your request.

Regarding Sharepoint Migration Tool:

Unfortunately, if the SharePoint Migration Tool has already been updated, and you no longer have access to the old migration configurations, it may not be possible to retrieve them without restarting the whole migration process. When the tool updates, it may not be compatible with the old configurations, and using a different server might not help in this case.


To avoid losing your migration progress, it is recommended to take a backup of your existing migration configurations before any updates or changes are made to the migration tool. Additionally, consider contacting Microsoft Support to see if they can provide any guidance or assistance regarding the migration tool and your specific scenario.


Remember, always proceed with caution when dealing with migration processes and consider taking backups or snapshots to ensure data integrity and minimize potential data loss.

@Lalit Mohan  Thank you for your reply. I found the step to "reach out to SharePoint support" is not exist. When I goto admin center: https://admin.microsoft.com/ . In the left menu, click on Support there are 3 sub-menu items "Help & support", "View service request" , "Microsoft hardware support". I cannot find "New service request". Is it only available to SharePoint administrator?

@SharePointAdmin1030  @Lalit Mohan's long ChatGPT response doesn't actually tell you that this is a known issue and is the same issue as the Forms web part in a SharePoint page.  Aftr a quick search I couldn't see anything about it on the Microsoft Feedback Portal so you might want to raise a request there.


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