Pnp Search Result Query Template... configure to show only specific items

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Hi there!

I was trying to configure the pnp-search-result-web-part to show only the available sites(site names) on my tenant when a specific vertical is selected... Also in another scenario, I want the pnp-search-result-web-part to show only the list name but not the list items. Kindly help with that.... I suppose this could be achieved using Query Template but I have no idea how to do.. kindly help!



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Issue resolved... I tried {searchTerms} contentclass:sts_(your desire component)... for example {searchTerms} contentclass:sts_site /
{searchTerms} STS_List_GenericList etc
Is there a way to not show the parent folder? I chose Cards for Handlebars/HTML layout and it shows the parent folder/document library name and then the items.
Ex. sites/name/parentfolder
This will show all the documents and parentfolder as one of the cards