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Good morning! How do I make it so only certain people can create SharePoint sites? I've been researching but didn't really find anything!


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To prevent users to create Sharepoint site linked to office 365 and only allow some of them to create, create a group of users and grant the right to only that group of user to create group.

Manage who can create Microsoft 365 Groups | Microsoft Learn


Now, you can also block the creation of all sharepoint sites and grant the "sharepoint admin role" to user who should do it.

Check also this article

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@Vertebre85 How do I make it so only the admin can create sharepoint sites? I can't seem to get it to work

@alexwiw You have to follow thedocumentation of first link to prevent user to create sharepoint site within an office 365 group and put admin in the group AND
as in the second link, untick both